So sorry I haven’t done an revise in a while. Life has been crazy to say the very least. I got let go from work, and been looking to get money for school and life has just been crazy difficult. The thing that was not stressful is my face. It hasn’t been perfect but it is soooo much better than it once was. I still get a pimple or two and every once and a while I can feel a mite crawling around but my face looks equally as good now as it ever previously have on prescription meds.

It’s much less red but if you look close at my face the red is little spider veins that need to be zapped again. I tried out to take a picture close and that means you can easily see up. So I am still not “washing” my face, just rinsing with water and putting the Argan oil/Tea Tree Oil on before bed at night. My face isn’t dry by any means any longer it feels soft and it’s not dry or flaky in anyway and it’s really not oily either. No more lizard skin. I understand it appears crazy never to wash your face but I believe the oils are strong enough to cleansing it and my pores have shrunk a whole lot on my nose.

Use a good double bladed razor like Gillette Sensor Excel. If you are using an electric, it’s time to convert! Wet face thoroughly. Utilize the hottest drinking water you can stand. Without harming yourself, of course! Apply ivory cleaning soap and use a facial scrub sponge (the tough area) to release hairs.

Some people use a plastic dish scrubby, even. Just don’t injure your face and remember all you do reaches your own risk. Start using a good Gel shave cream and shave carefully. Rinse out and pat dry comprehensively. Make sure your face is dry out completely. If possible, use an astringent such as WITCHHAZEL to be sure to have removed all oils from the surface of your face.

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  • 8 years back from Australia
  • Radar required
  • 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • Men’s Body Care (20)

Witch Hazel is weak enough that most people are designed for it. Focus on your concealer. Put a few dabs on your cheek and blend with your fingertips comprehensively, using round strokes. This, as with all makeup items, should be considered a thin coating. Continue to cover the entire beard area in this same manner – one portion of face at a time. Like every strategy the truth is here, this requires practice.. Take the cheap lipstick (“Wet and Wild” or other crappy brand) and dot that person lightly above the beard area.

It will look similar to a case of the measles. Blend this in to the Concealer with your hands. When done, you should have a very moderate sunburned look to your face on the beard area. If it’s too red then you overdid it and will need to place a bit more concealer on to even out the color.

This is not just a joke. The trick is that the red of the lipstick cancels out the bluishness of beard shadow. Women have used this technique to hide bruises and such for a lot of many years. It works. Clean some loose natural powder in the beard area Lightly. Pan Stik. If you have a bad problem with blue shadows even after shaving, you should apply Skillet Stik as of this true point.

Make several streaks with the stay over your beard area and blend with your hands to an even coloration. If you use this step, you will now need to hold back about five minutes for the Pan Stik to “set” before shifting to the next step. You will most probably need to wait a short while, use some loose powder, and then wait a couple of more minutes before shifting.

If you look ok without this step, by all means miss it and go to employing groundwork directly. The last thing you need is too much makeup! At this point you shouldn’t have any blueness from your beard showing through. If not, keep working at it, it just calls for some practice. Liquid foundation Apply. Make sure the previous layer has “set” first.