Spatial Disorientation remains a big problem for both commercial and general aviation aeroplanes, when a pilot attempts to travel in IFR by the chair of the jeans. In the same way, financial disorientation can distract a person off their personal financial situation until it is too past due. If you read NTSB reviews, they have a tendency to sound about the same, as time passes.

In far too many situations, people become disoriented and crash their own planes. Even commercial airliners fall out of the sky when pilots become puzzled or sidetracked and either stall the aircraft, or fly it directly into the ground. So when this spatial disorientation occurs, the pilot is unaware anything is wrong often, until it is too past due.

Since the plane enters a soft 1-G “death spiral” they feel, traveling by the “seat of the trousers” that the airplane is right and level. Until, that is, a wing tears off or they travel into the surface. And in every full case, the bottom Proximity Warning System is the last thing heard on the voice recorder. What can cause these “death spirals” in aviation? What causes us, as individuals, to ignore indicators of impending financial doom and journey into the aspect of the mountain – figuratively speaking? Inexperience is part of the nagging problem. Oftentimes, we neglect to recognize the symptoms of the death spiral, unless we’ve be caught in it before – and were able to survive.

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But even folks who experienced a “close call” often neglect to learn from it and repeat the process over and over again, until they do it one time too often and crash finally. As well as the problem is, during the “death spiral” everything seems normal and “feels” right. How can the airplane be crashing when my espresso isn’t even spilling?

We can not be ugly, right? A 1-G turn can do this. In the same way, people’s personal funds can go into a “death spiral” plus they won’t be aware of it until it is too past due. By the right time our Ground Proximity Warning System kicks in, you have only seconds left to inhale.

How does this happen? Well, our system of debt, along with the poor normative cues from tv (a broken airline flight instrument, if there ever was one!) can distract a “pilot” from what is really going on. And this trap, as it happens to a lot of experienced pilots just, happens to a lot of experienced adults – often people making good money, too.

For example, Joe and Suzie Suburbia live near the Capital City and own a nice home. They have brand new cars and put the young kids in a private college. Out every day They eat lunch, and each drives to separately work, for convenience, even though they work only blocks apart in Capital City.

Suzie gets a designer espresso every day on the way to to work. Everyone has cell phones with an unlimited texting programs. The youngsters have the latest video games and Aeropostal t-shirts all. Plus they have 500 channels of cable-TV, and a TV in every room of the house.

Every 3 years, Joe and Suzie lease new cars. 200,000 combined income. And every month, they could pay all the bills on time. They aren’t funding their 401(k) as they wish to, but hey, they may be young, and also have time for you to later do this, right? The thing that nags Joe such as a faulty air speed indicator, is their increasing personal credit card debt. Years ago, they “paid off the balance on a monthly basis” and sensed that they were doing OK – what with the regular flyer miles these were accumulating.