Job news: I read in the National Post business section about maintaining your skills up to date. This woman who got laid off, she bought this computer program and methods it everyday so she will anticipate to use it when she gets employed again. I’m keeping up with my skills by reading the business portion of the newspapers.

Yesterday I applied to a lot of places. Today I only applied to three. Ashley: WindMobile doesn’t do commission whatsoever, it’s something that basically sets them aside from other cellular companies. There’s a base income and then a monthly bonus program that depends upon stores making their regular targets rather than specific sales. Job search: It was really hard for me personally to focus in looking for a job today. 3 job. I transferred 110 resumes in 8 weeks. I then rebooted my office job search from Nov. 2009- Mar. 2010. I did the same thing with passing out my resumes to offices and banking institutions. 3 and I did so my office job search in a different way totally.

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I went on the internet. I applied to 100 places a month. It was to reg and offices. Apr. 2010-Oct.2010 and I managed to get an office job and worked there for a short while. Quote: I came across this on the 16 and Pregnant thread. 16 and Pregnant: Also on the thread, as it happens this young lady asked one of the teen mothers Kail this on her behalf form spring. My pal is 13 and pregnant she desires to get on the show, so how exactly does she apply?

Kail: We’re not glamorizing teenage pregnancy here. I thought that question was so strange. If I was 13, and I found out one of my friends is 13 and pregnant, I wouldn’t ask about how exactly to get on a Television show even if 16&P aired back then. I don’t know, tell a tuned instructor about it. Dec. 22 Eric Benet: I was listening to some satellite radio and found the music “Sometimes I Cry” by Eric Benet.

EB: My child was going to begin college soon, and I helped her to dorm room. It cut back a lot of memories of while i was in college. I was going out with this girl for two years and then she broke up beside me. She also told me: “I don’t see you making it in the music industry.” It’s kind of funny because soon after we broke up, I got an archive deal. The audience cheers and laughs.

EB: Then there is a knock on my door. She shows up and it’s like she got a stylist or something, because she appears amazing. She was stating how much she misses me. I would never tell anyone that they won’t make it in something because that would be mean. You always have to be considering backup programs.

That’s me though. A lot of things don’t workout for me like getting rejected from college programs. It’s about buying condoms at the store. I’ve never seen Golden Girls before, but it was kind of funny. Dec. 23 Funny and strange: I saw this funny and strange online video on Jay Leno. Cut to two men playing ale pong outside. A couple of these red plastic cups on the table. Guy 1 throws a table tennis ball in to the cup.

Guy 2 throws a table tennis ball in to the cup. Guy 3 in red Santa suit falls together with the desk and breaks it. Here is a fun view to see. I noticed Cosmo the Galaxyland mascot skate in the snow rink at West Ed mall. Cute and funny: This is on Jay Leno.