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I wish I were running for President, because easily were, part of my economic plan is always to eliminate art institutions and only the apprenticeship for all those budding student performers out there. I have many beefs with art school, I’ll just put it right out there.

One of my beefs is two-fold: artwork colleges generally do not educate anyone how to endure as a working artist. Even though you are learning how to make artwork in your basic art school, you are accumulating incredible personal debt, and saddled with this personal debt when you get out of your four-year program with a BA in fine art. 25 hour nanny job in favor of working for me at fifty percent that salary.

30,000 college loan debt, with the financial help she received with grants or loans and scholarships even. Her monthly payment is so high, even I’d have a hard time getting by. To belabor the point: I have a family friend with a son who is showing some art talent, and he wants to attend a very expensive private art school in California.

70,000 in debt. When I found out about this, I blew a gasket. My idea is, if a 17-calendar year old wants to visit make art, go make art then! I understand that education can be an investment. WHILE I was 17, I needed to too go to artwork school, because I thought that was the only path available to somebody who wished to be an designer. My thought is that students ought not to be spending their money on art school, but their time on being an apprentice.