These days, everyone has a website. From the local business down the road to your neighbor who is an avid blogger, websites are much longer exclusive to the people who can code or afford them no. With top website platforms such as WordPress and website builders, it bears the question: How should you build your website? While WordPress website and websites contractors provide a distinct purpose, each has their own drawbacks and advantages. However, we are advocates of using WordPress to generate and launch your website.

Why don’t we explain why. Because of the growing dependence on a website, website builders have become a well known method for launching a site. These systems are designed for users who need to quickly publish a website with only a small amount effort as is possible. The selling point of website contractors is the simplicity. Users do not need to understand code or the nuances of website design or development to start a niche site. These builders offer several layers of service, from a basic website to e-commerce stores.

While website contractors are convenient, they aren’t cheap. Website contractors require regular monthly fees on top of additional charges for a website name or specific capabilities. Website builders have their own hosting services also, which are contained in the monthly charge. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that can be used to build any type of website. As described by WPBeginner, a content management system is a software that helps creating, editing, organizing, and posting content.

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Whether you will want small, but razor-sharp looking website or a fully-interactive gaming website, you can make it happen with WordPress.

WordPress is free to use but requires a little of a learning curve. In addition, WordPress does not offer domains or hosting name services. The endless features of WordPress make it an enticing option for those seeking to own and manage a website. Actually, some of the largest names on the web use WordPress websites including TechCrunch, Variety, and the Walt Disney Company. Which Option is Right for YOUR SITE? To see whether a website builder or WordPress website is the best option for your website goals, you need to consider the next factors.

For all those with limited understanding of how websites operate, a website builder is ideal. Many of these ongoing services use drag and drop widgets to generate the appearance and features of the website. WordPress, on the other hand, requires a bit of know-how and education to understand and implement it fully.